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Why I chose Schenectady

I am frequently asked by colleagues why I chose to live in Schenectady.

Aren’t you worried about the schools?

What about the taxes…aren’t they too high?

These are just 2 examples of common questions I receive when I tell people I live in Schenectady. Rather than address them directly, I would rather explain why Schenectady is preferred over Niskayuna, Glenville, or Clifton Park.

When I was looking for a place to live, I had 3 criteria (for location):

1) I had to live within walking distance of shops and restaurants. Basically, the more walkable, the better.

2) My commute to work had to be short. I was not going to waste time sitting in my car. I value my time too much for that.

3) I had to find a home in my price range.

That’s it.

The bottom line is that because of where I work, I could not live in Clifton Park and wait in line at the Rexford bridge every day, nor could I live in Niskayuna, a town without sidewalks.

Niskayuna - Where the sidewalk ends
Niskayuna – Where the sidewalk ends

Needless to say, Schenectady is certainly affordable.

And that’s it. I have strong feelings about the questions at the beginning of this post, but I’ll save that discussion for another day.