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What flavor is Schenectady?

I came across a short article in the June 16-29 edition of NY Magazine discussing an ice cream flavor at Ample Hills Creamery that consisted of a dark chocolate with white-chocolate pearls to represent the oysters being re-introduced into the canal in Gowanus. On a sticky night heralding the start of summer, it got me thinking…

If we were to make an ice cream flavor that represented Schenectady, what would it be?

Perhaps it could represent our relationship with the river (or canal) and have streaks of chocolate fudge in an almond ice cream (a reference to the many delicious almond cookies available in Little Italy and elsewhere (e.g., Civitello’s).

Or, perhaps, the ice cream should pay tribute to the great inventors who lived in Schenectady such as Langmuir or Steinmetz, but how do you capture the subtlety of a Langmuir Isotherm in a food like ice cream? Or a locomotive? With such a long history of building trains, even one that participated in the golden spike ceremony of the trans continental railroad, maybe the ice cream should be grander…showcasing Schenectady’s role in a burgeoning nation. Perhaps a Dutch chocolate (in honor of the Dutch heritage and to symbolize the coal used in operating steam locomotives) with a crunchy toffee as the golden spike is the appropriate choice?

Obviously, the options are endless with each person generating their own idea as to which ice cream flavor will reign supreme.  I have focused on history, but perhaps a flavor reflecting contemporary Schenectady is more appropriate?

How would you express Schenectady as an ice cream flavor? While you discuss, I’m going to cool off with a scoop (or two!) from Stewart’s.