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Don’t let a power pole block your path

I am frequently meeting new people with great stories. This past weekend at St. Anthony’s Festa (The middle part of my Summer Solstice Celebration), I met a gentleman and his wife who had lived in Schenectady for over 50 years. After 3-4 years of teaching – and deciding that was for the birds – the gentleman went into construction. He dug ditches and spread asphalt for new roads and apparently caught the eye of his boss who offered him a position in management after a couple months on the job. While I cannot verify the accuracy of this story, he did provide another interesting anecdote.

Many years ago, his company was tasked with widening route 9 through Clifton Park. Apparently, the utility company refused to move the power poles…or at least delayed moving them for a sufficiently long time as to frustrate the construction crew enough to pave around the poles. He claims they put up warning signs, but to a driver encountering these poles, I can understand how shocking that would be. Needless to say, the utility company quickly moved the poles after the press fiasco.

I initially found this story shocking and humorous without thinking it could happen today (the story he told referred to sometime before 1980, I believe), yet as I was trying to verify the truth of this story, I came across a similar situation in Quebec. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

All the more reason to listen to your elders.