Albany’s @WAMCRadio Hostage Crisis

I miss my NPR content!

Three times a year for about 2 weeks each almost all programming is kidnapped by WAMC while they try to raise money for the station. I am used to being annoyed with public radio pledge drives in the past, but the stations I used to listen to would at least give you some content with 15 minute pledge breaks scattered throughout the day.

Alas, at WAMC the content for these weeks is replaced by rote repetition of their phone number (1-800-323-9262, by the way), while pleading to save the station.

Perhaps I’m making too much of the pledge drive. With most stations streaming content online, I replace my WAMC morning feed with either WNYC or KQED while I get ready for work. It’s really only during my short commute to work that I need to do without…something that I do during the summer months anyway because I drop the car for a bike. If I were being untrue to myself, I would say that I’m sticking up for those who have much longer commutes, but in truth, I desperately miss Paul Caiano’s 7 minute weather forecast. He’s taught us so much. How many of you knew where Eureka, Nunavut Territory, Canada was before listening to him? I’m convinced that location is only included to make us feel better about having lows below 0F.

WAMC has greatly improved the pledge drive experience by shortening it with the lock box, a term that always reminds me of Al Gore’s Social Security saving plan (SNL skit). But we could make this even better by having a pledge-free stream for those of us who donate to the station. KQED does this, so I know it can be done.

I guess I’ll just have to live with the occasional pledge-drive inconvenience (WAMC does need to raise money somehow, of course) while stressing over whether or not I should also donate to the alternative pledge drive stations that provide a semblance of normalcy during pledge weeks.

It’s time to pay the ransom so WAMC will give back our NPR content! After all, in this drive we’re so close and it’s only day 3!

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