The New York Yellow

No place I have lived has as little respect for traffic lights as upstate NY.

I know you see it happen…you may have even done it yourself. I’m talking about driving through an intersection on, what I will generously call a “late yellow.”

Before moving to the Capital Region, I took it for granted that cars would stop when the light turned red; but not in the Capital Region. I’ve had to adjust my driving/biking/walking habits to assume someone will run the red.

One winter when crossing State street, I was wearing a hoodie to stay warm. After waiting for the walk sign, I proceeded to cross the intersection. Only after I felt the wind from a passing car behind me did I realize that a car had almost hit me while running the red light. I no longer wear any head coverings that restrict my peripheral vision for my own safety when crossing streets.

This issue is not new. Below is a video showing the very New York Yellow behavior I described previously.

So, if you live in the Capital Region or plan on visiting anytime soon, wait when the light turns green. Your safety depends on it.

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