Over the river and through the woods

Perhaps it’s the decades of population decline, NY’s forever wild constitutional amendment, or something else; but Schenectady benefits from close proximity to rural areas. I have already enjoyed the many fruit farms in the area this summer, and with the fantastic, extended Summer weather we’ve been having, I’ve taken to a couple of the many nature walks in the area.

Close to home is the Lisha Kill Preserve. I had never heard of it until one of my friend’s neighbors alerted him to the area. It’s also hard to spot from the road. The sign is small, and it looks like you’re pulling into a driveway; but the walk is a great respite from the city. The walk was short and very easy. It’s also well marked.

Bee Careful! Sign at Lisha Kill Preserve
Bee Careful! Sign at Lisha Kill Preserve

I can’t wait to go back in a week or two when the many maple trees turn colors. The walk doesn’t have much of a view, but you do get to see Lisha Kill and escape the rush of daily life. I did get to see a snake. It’s in the picture below. Can you find it?

Can you see the snake?
Can you see the snake?

I saw a much better view at Moreau Lake State Park. It was a little early to see much Fall color, but the view was great, regardless.

A view of Moreau Lake
A view of Moreau Lake
Moreau Lake from the top
Moreau Lake from the top

The walk I took was short and steep, but you could take advantage of many miles of trails around the park. I didn’t get a chance to see it, but apparently, the views of the Hudson are good, too.

Unlike other areas of the country where sprawl has replaced nature, by living in Schenectady I have easy access to both urban activities (Broadway plays, good restaurants, street festivals) and rural ones (farms, hikes, kayaking). As the area turns around from its half century slump, I hope urban sprawl can be minimized so I can continue to enjoy both easily; but that will require region-wide coordination. I have yet to see any efforts at long term regional planning. I hope that changes.


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