Goose Hill NA Community Recognition Awards

Below is the transcript for the Goose Hill NA Community Recognition Awards given at the conclusion of the Steinmetz pavilion dedication ceremony.

Don Birch

Don Birch, owner of the Sawmill Tavern in Schenectady, is one of the city’s finest volunteers. In addition to running his business, Mr. Birch is involved in running several overwhelmingly successful motorcycle charity runs benefiting children and elderly and everyone in between.

In need of a meal? Don’t worry, Don will feed you. He provides shut ins with weekly meals as well as holiday meals. You may live alone, but Don makes sure that you aren’t forgotten or overlooked. The list goes on. He moves people, shovels snow, mows lawns, and provides his community with copious amounts of charity, kindness, and thoughtfulness.

Needless to say, Don is one of the first to take time from his schedule to “step up to the plate” and see to it that whatever needs doing, gets done.

Smiling and shaking hands, Don treats everyone with the utmost respect. You meet him for the first time and you’re made to feel like family.

Out hats are off to you! Thank you for the example you set.

Karen B. Johnson

Karen B. Johnson is a former mayor and former city council member for Schenectady. Currently, she is the Vice Chair of the County Legislature. Karen has given 40 years of service to the constituents of Schenectady.

Karen always makes herself available to anyone with a question. Legislator Johnson, 1 of 3 representatives for this district, has worked hard guiding, outlining, and suggesting various ideas and avenues to the Steinmetz Park Community. We have this lovely pavilion to thank her for, as well as the success of Phase 1 [of the Steinmetz Park renovation].

She has kept her eye on the funds allocated for our park and has made sure that our tax dollars have been properly used. Her 40 years of service extends way beyond her job description, and her dedication is admirable. Our sincere appreciation goes to Karen B. Johnson as well as our heartfelt thanks.

Margaret Novak

For the past 3 years, Margaret has organized and prepared a block party for her section of Randolph Rd. This includes sending out emails to her neighbors, getting the proper permission from the city, and planning for the food to be brought by the residents. The block parties have been quite a success, and that is due to Margaret’s hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work, Margaret. Perhaps, you can share your ideas with the other residential areas. We salute you, Margaret!

Peter Rieck

If you need a good neighbor to be around, Peter Rieck is that man. While he walks his dog around Steinmetz Park every day, he picks up trash and checks to see if there is a broken swing or a park bench in need of repair. He goes home for the appropriate tools and repairs them if possible. Peter alerts the proper authorities if he sees any foul play or negative issues regarding the park. One thing about Peter is that he offers help without being asked. He is willing to lend a hand on various projects which can include taking pictures and videotaping different events…exactly what he is doing today! We can’t say enough thank you’s to Peter Rieck!

Mildred White

Another good neighbor to know is Mildred White. Not only for information and advice, but for cleaning up her street. There are many residents who have for years served their community just by taking regular walks and picking up trash and litter along the way. Mildred does it without any interest in getting noticed or getting a thank you. Millie does what she can in her own way not expecting anything in return. Along her walks she makes friends with some of the animals and feeds them. Also, she has been a faithful supporter of the Goose Hill Neighborhood Association. All of us can be like Millie, helping our neighborhood in our own way. Thank you Mildred White!

2 thoughts on “Goose Hill NA Community Recognition Awards”

  1. Thanks so much Will. It looks so nice. Brings back a ton of great memories. I am sure everyone in the Assoc. will appreciate seeing this,as well as your effort.

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